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Luxury by CRISTEL

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Luxury by CRISTEL

CRISTEL, French manufacturer of high-end stainless steel culinary products, is a market leader in France and Japan. It is the best example of a successful com- pany whose French design is the basis of its success. It is undeni-ably one of the founding traits of the brand identity.

Installed in its factory in Fesches-le-Chatel in the Doubs, Cristel benefits from a know-how of wich foundations go back to 1826. The first stamped pan was born in 1849 in these workshops. But it was the genius of Paul and Berna-dette Dodane that allowed Cristel to become a world refer-ence in the world of high-end cooking utensils. Thanks to the removable handle concept “Cook & Serve” invented by Paul Dodane in 1986, the Cristel brand is today internation-ally recognized as the reference in the marriage of quality, performance and aesthetics of a functional and timeless design. Dominant on the French high-end market, as well as in Japan, where the removable handle concept has been a real suc-cess for more than 20 years, Cristel is continuing its export development. In the USA, Cristel has a commercial subsidi-ary since 2012. Already present in major department stores and on-line sales sites, the coming year will be marked by the brand’s entry into the largest chain of specialized stores which covers the whole country: Williams Sonoma. In Asia, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, products made in France are popular. Associated with the French Gastron-omy and the French Art of Living, the demand is booming among the middle and upper classes.  In Europe and Central Europe, Cristel is continuing its development through a growing network of high-end stores spe- cializing in tableware and Culinary products. To respond to a growing commercial demand, CRISTEL has invested heavily in its industrial plant in Fesches-le-Châtel, increasing its production capacity and continuing to im- prove the quality of its products. The opening of an applica-tion production line of the most effective anti-adherent will further strengthen the integration of production.

Cristel has obtained the “Origine France Garantie” label, audited by Veritas, for all its productions with a record integration rate of more than 90 %. It’s success is based on the exceptional quality of its products and the close link between the company and its business partners. A family business in which three gener-ations come together, with the same values, with the same spirit of Entrepreneurship: quality – innovation – service – with respect for the people and the environment, for a har-monious development and a better life.



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